Intensive workshops by visiting artists focused on skills and concepts that will have lasting effects on practice and thinking

  • 2020 June 15-19, M-F, 9:30am-5:30pm

    Bookbinding for Artists and Photographers with Scott McCarney

    Far from being marginalized, the book has become a viable part of contemporary art’s multi-discipinary practices. Book form, however, is not well understood in this context — the decisions we make when binding a book can be part of the overall art-making process.  The desire to make books with photographic content is as old as photography itself.  The accessibility of digital printing, from the inkjet in your studio to the Indigo of online publishers, is fulfilling this desire for contemporary artists and photographers. But how to make a unique product tailored to the physical and conceptual needs of your work?

    This workshop employs the basic tools and techniques of hand bookbinding to answer that question. All aspects of the material book will be considered through a series of unique structures that accommodate single sheets, folded folios and gathered sections, while exploring the materials of traditional book making. Binding and finishing strategies that subvert the limitations presented by print-on-demand books will be introduced.

    The class will focus primarily on physical considerations of book structure, but participants are welcome to bring work in progress or ideas for books. Some time will be devoted to discussing how binding structures and layout strategies literally as well as figuratively support image display.

  • June 22– June 26, M–F 9:30am–5:30pm

    Pop-Up Books Colette Fu

    Pop-up books aren’t just for children! Pop-up structures can be used to make engaging works of art for any age, from greeting cards to animations to kinetic sculptures. Complex and engaging pop-up works are created from a combination of basic mechanisms enhanced by your art, playfulness and imagination. In this workshop, participants will learn the basic elements of pop-up paper engineering, including multi-level platforms and pull-tabs, as well as how to combine them to create more complex structures. Participants learn how to incorporate their own art into their structures effectively to create unique pop-up books, cards, and works of art. All levels of experience are welcome.

  • June 29–July 3, M–F 9:30am–5:30pm

    Image and Text Sequence for Photo-Bookworks Tate Shaw

    Paying attention to how you are binding images and texts together is critical to making a photo-bookwork. Binding, in the conceptual sense, is how the images and texts mentally form a connection to one another. This cognitive process works in tandem with sequence, which puts images and texts in a specific order to create a context for meaning to be inferred between them. The focus of this workshop will be the combination of images and texts to create juxtapositions and extended sequences. We will study image and text sequences as well as other conceptual structures in art forms like poetry, music, and moving images to support the creation of image and text sequences of our own. Throughout the week, students will make several sequence booklets as well as begin to develop an extended sequence. Everyone will walk away from the class with multiple book dummy layouts in InDesign, printed dummies, and a printed bookwork.

    Many images from personal archives and/or found images as well as some texts to work with are required. A laptop with CS Photoshop and InDesign software is preferred. No previous InDesign knowledge is required; having some Photoshop experience is ideal but not necessary. A collection of writings on sequence and image and text in bookworks will be provided (for educational use only).

  • Register online at the VSW Bookstore or call 585-442-8676 during business hours.

    Workshops can be taken for 3 undergraduate credit hours or 2 Graduate credit hours. Register through the College at Brockport for credit: or call 585 395-2900.