Intensive workshops by visiting artists focused on skills and concepts that will have lasting effects on practice and thinking

  • 2019 June 3-7, M-F, 9:30am-5:30pm

    Bookbinding for Artists and Photographers with Scott McCarney

    Far from being marginalized, the book has become a viable part of contemporary art’s multi-discipinary practices. Book form, however, is not well understood in this context — the decisions we make when binding a book can be part of the overall art-making process.  The desire to make books with photographic content is as old as photography itself.  The accessibility of digital printing, from the inkjet in your studio to the Indigo of online publishers, is fulfilling this desire for contemporary artists and photographers. But how to make a unique product tailored to the physical and conceptual needs of your work?

    This workshop employs the basic tools and techniques of hand bookbinding to answer that question. All aspects of the material book will be considered through a series of unique structures that accommodate single sheets, folded folios and gathered sections, while exploring the materials of traditional book making. Binding and finishing strategies that subvert the limitations presented by print-on-demand books will be introduced.

    The class will focus primarily on physical considerations of book structure, but participants are welcome to bring work in progress or ideas for books. Some time will be devoted to discussing how binding structures and layout strategies literally as well as figuratively support image display.

  • June 10-14, M-F, 9:30am-5:30pm

    Historical Process/Contemporary Lens with John Opera

    How can outmoded forms and processes positively influence photographic practices today? Through conceptually-driven exercises, readings and group discussions, participants in this class are introduced to working methods that encourage cross-disciplinary approaches to both photographic ideas and form. Students experiment with image manipulation on a variety of image supports, investigating the origins of photography and its crossover into contemporary discourse. Cyanotype, Vandyke, anthotype and digital negative techniques are covered.

  • 2019 June 17-21, M-F, 9:30am-5:30pm

    Intro to Installation with Crystal Z Campbell

    This class will consider various approaches to installation-based art strategies. The course will combine readings, lectures, videos, and short exercises. Most importantly, we’ll work closely to translate one existing project into an installation. The objective of this course is encourage broader investigations of space, place, and materiality in relationship to form and concept. Some art practices and diverse approaches to installation art we’ll consider include Sarah Sze, Nam June Paik, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Andy Goldsworthy, Ana Mendieta, Senga Nengudi, and Doris Salcedo, amongst others. Students should be prepared to work intensively during all hours of the workshop.

  • 2019 June 24-28, M-F, 9:30am-5:30pm

    Film Performance with Kristin Reeves

    Film performance replaces the traditional convention of black-box theater with a unique live art experience. Also known as expanded cinema, this artform frequently depends on the artist-creator’s body, expertise, and agility in relation to the mechanics of cinema no longer hidden by the projection booth. Filmic, mechanical, and human bodies are choreographed to produce a dynamic temporal relationship that can both rely on the image within the frame or shift to emphasize elements such as light, flicker, screen-space, environment, optical manipulation, chance, improvisation, and the audience as participant.

    The intensive workshop will give participants access to film projectors to begin staging film performances of various duration and approach. Focus will be given to practical and inventive application of light, film loops, film cores, and the projectors themselves through hands-on activities. Materials will be available for students to use found footage, and camera-less manipulation techniques, as well as participants’ original film footage. Historical context given through lecture and readings will place film performance within such histories as early optical phantasmagoria, Experiments in Art and Technology, and kinesthetic theater. We will consider film’s valuable physicality within our contemporary use/consumption of digital media and hybrid film-digital processes. The workshop will support all student participants regardless of skill level.

  • Register online at the VSW Bookstore or call 585-442-8676 during business hours.

    Workshops can be taken for 3 undergraduate credit hours or 2 Graduate credit hours. Register through the College at Brockport for credit: or call 585 395-2900.