VSW’s Summer Institute is a series of intensive one-week conducted by visiting artists and scholars. These concise, concentrated workshops enable students to focus on skills and concepts that will have lasting affects on their practice and thinking.

  • May 30–June 3, M–F, 9:30am–5:30pm

    Super-8 Filmmaking Tara Merenda Nelson

    Super 8 filmmaking remains one of the most intimate and expressive forms of moving image art. This intensive filmmaking workshop will introduce students to the art of Super-8mm filmmaking using black and white reversal film. This hands-on course is designed for the beginner and covers all aspects of Super-8mm filmmaking: story development, technique, camera operation, lighting, editing, and projection.

  • June 6–10, M–F 9:30am–5:30pm

    Screen-Printing Essentials Dan Varenka

    Screen-printing resides in both industrial and fine art spheres and lends itself to graphics, typography, and photography. The relatively low cost makes it accessible to individuals for posters, prints, and books. This introductory workshop will cover the fundamentals of the screen-printing process: image preparation, coating and burning photosensitive screens, and printing on paper and fabric. Consideration will be given to printing for books, multicolor prints, and creating your own set-up at home.

  • June 13–17, M–F 9:30am–5:30pm

    Sequence for Photo-Bookworks Tate Shaw

    Paying attention to how you are binding images together is critical to making a photo-bookwork. Binding, in the conceptual sense, is how the images mentally form a connection to one another. This cognitive process works in tandem with sequence, which puts images in a specific order to create a context for meaning to be inferred between them. The focus of this workshop will be the combination of images to create juxtapositions and extended sequences. We will study image sequences as well as other art forms like poetry, music, and moving images to support the creation of an image sequence. Throughout the week, students will make several sequence booklets as well as begin to develop an extended sequence.

  • June 20–21, M–T 9:30am–5:30pm

    Binding Digital Bookworks Scott McCarney

    Online publishing, print-on-demand services, plus a wide variety of desktop printers and digital copiers offer more opportunity than ever to produce one-off and small edition bookworks. This two day workshop will introduce participants to the tools and techniques of basic bookbinding geared towards finishing projects printed by digital means. Formatting, imposition and single-sheet printing will be discussed in the context of printing your own work. Pamphlet and coptic sewings will be introduced as strategies for binding books from scratch. Two case bindings will be learned for rebinding saddle-stitched and “perfect bound” print-on-demand books. Basic techniques for working with cloth and decorative papers will enhance possibilities for creating elegant and sturdy presentation bindings.

  • June 27– July 1, M–F 9:30am–5:30pm

    Pop-Up Books Colette Fu

    Pop-up and flap books were originally created to illustrate ideas about astronomy, fortune telling, navigation, anatomy of the body, and other scientific principles. Complex pop-up structures are created from a combination of basic mechanisms enhanced by your artwork and imagination. Students will learn basic elements of pop-up paper engineering to more complex mechanisms including platforms, pull-tabs and rotating mechanisms. Workshop participants will learn how to effectively incorporate their own art into their structures to create unique pop-up books, cards, and works of art.

  • Workshops are $550, $525 for VSW members. Register before May 1st for early bird discount: $500/$475 VSW members.

    Binding Digital Bookworks is $250, $225 for VSW members, Early bird registration is $225, $200 VSW members.

    Register online or call 585 442-8676.

    Workshops can be taken for 3 undergraduate credit hours or 2 Graduate credit hours. Register through the College at Brockport for credit: www.brockport.edu/ssp/summer/ or call 585 395-2900.