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    The Art History of Shoes and Boots at VSW; Prez, James; ca. mid 2000s; 2008:0007:0029
    The Art History of Shoes and Boots at VSW; Prez, James; ca. mid 2000s; 2008:0007:0028
    The Information Is Not Knowledge Project; Thackray, Amanda; Prez, James; 2008; 2008:0007:0027
    Untitled [V.S.W.]; Prez, James; 2007; 2008:0007:0053
    N.Y. Art Book Fair Ticket; Johanson, Chris; 2006; 2008:0007:0052
    Heaven...99¢; Prez, James; 2007; 2008:0007:0051
    Dema [?], G.; Prez, James; 1985; 2009:0063:0001
    Untitled [HILL: DON'T LIEB US]; Prez, James; 2007; 2008:0007:0003
    "Howlin' Wolf" (Chester Burnett); Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0007:0049
    Blind Lemon Jefferson; Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0007:0048
    Lead Belly; Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0087:0047
    Lonnie Johnson; Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0007:0046
    "Mississippi" John Hurt; Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0007:0045
    Robert Brown; Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0007:0044
    Robert Johnson; Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0007:0043
    Arthur Phelps "Blind Blake"; Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0007:0042
    Charley Patton; Prez, James; ca. 2000s; 2008:0007:0041
    Untitled [PEEPER STALKED FAMILY]; Prez, James; 2007; 2008:0007:0005
    Astral Projection: A Polyfusion of Media, Bill Etra
    Portable Channel Final Report: 2nd Year Retrospective; Portable Channel; Klein, Bonnie; Rockowitz, Sanford; 1974; 2019:0001:0017
    Untitled [GILL KILL CHILL]; Prez, James; 2007; 2008:0007:0002
    Untitled [CBS BIGS PAN DAN]; Prez, James; 2007; 2008:0007:0001
    Myths 1-10: Men Never Get Lonely; Prez, James; 2007; 2008:0007:0038
    Myths 1-10: To Men Sex Is Equal To Intercourse ; Prez, James; 2007; 2008:0007:0039