• Waters of Empire:

    Modern Water as Relation on Occupied Turtle Island

    Null Point / Colin Tucker

    June 30 – July 31, 2021, streaming at vsw.org

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    Colin Tucker

    From the VSW Lantern Slide Collection

    This event features experimental, interpretive music initiative Null Point in the premiere of an audio-visual, online lecture-performance by Colin Tucker. The program brings VSW’s
    Joan Lyons Independent Press Archive into dialogue with VSW’s film, video, lantern slide, and print collections. The lecture-performance engages the medium of the “event score”—musical scores intended for realization by untrained or trained musicians in mundane circumstances, often notated with words—as a point of departure for re-interpretations of VSW’s media collections.

    The program features event scores from George Brecht’s Water Yam and Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit, focusing on against-the-grain interpretations authorized by anti-Humanist conceptual frameworks of Indigenous, Black, and decolonial study. These latter analytics reveal an Imperial, technoscientific politics of visibility in Water Yam, but also suggest that, for this very reason, the scores may be useful in excavating these politics if re-interpreted. Grapefruit, on the other hand, provides tools useful for interrogating how colonial regimes of visibility are subtended by invisibility and hypervisibility, tools which the lecture-performance puts into dialogue with recent scholarship on “colonial unknowing” (Manu Vimalassery et al.) and “white ignorance” (Charles Mills). 

    The lecture-performance presents event scores by Ono and Brecht focused on water, interpreting them in ways that foreground their positioning within settler-colonial spatial politics on occupied Turtle Island. The program considers a variety of attempts to rewrite Indigenous land as secular water, not only within specialized technoscience but also within libidinal economies of the Settler-Conquistador everyday.

    Water Yam, from the VSW Collection