With Director Edwain “Eze” Stokes in person!

7 pm in the VSW microcinema

Proof of vaccination and facemasks required

  • Conversations: The Black Radical Tradition (2021) is a two-hour documentary by Edwian “Eze” Stokes, and focuses on African Americans’ struggle for liberation against American imperialism in the United States in the 20 and 21st centuries. Sparked by a desire to improve the material conditions of African Americans in the United States, this film features first-hand accounts from compelling activists, foot soldiers, scholars, writers, and thinkers of black resistance and community building movements.

    The film will be presented by author, activist and local civil rights organizer Jalil Muntaqim and Edwain Eze Stokes, Director of the film. Jalil is a veteran member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, the co-founder (along with deceased Comrade Sister Safiya Bukhari, d. 2003 and Baba Herman Ferguson, d. 2014) of the National Jericho Movement to Free All Political Prisoners. He was released from prison to parole on October 6, 2020, after being confined for almost 5 decades.

    Jalil, who is also featured in the film, will lead a discussion on the Black Radical Tradition, which at its core is a brushback or outright rejection of colonialism both domestically and foreign by Black people. The Black Radical Tradition ideology ranges from Pan Africanism to Marxism, was characterized by sharp opposition to institutionalism racism, women’s oppression, and class inequality, is rooted in anti-imperialism, and seeks to put an end to police brutality.



  • Jalil Muntaqim
  • A native of New York City, Edwian “Eze” Stokes attended Long Island University before his career in media production and film. CONVERSATIONS is his directorial debut. Primarily an editor, he works in both narrative and documentary film. He worked on “Books Through Bars Brings Literature To The Incarcerated” (2018- BRIC TV) as well as “Black In The Holy Land” (dir. Marc Lamont Hill, in post-production) and “Something In The Trees” (dir. Alfonzo Johnson, in post-production).