Rose Lowder – Bouquets 11-20: Notebooks


2018, VSW Press, 7.5 x 9.25 inches, 94 pages, perfect bound, includes an enhanced eBook companion with embedded video of the films, first edition of 100

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  • From the Afterword by Tara Merenda Nelson: “The notebooks of Rose Lowder require little explanation. Reproduced here are complete records of ten one-minute 16mm films consisting of exactly 1,440 frames each, broken into 24-frame segments on three stacked lines of graph paper, ten segments per page, six pages per film. Each is film transcribed by the hand of the artist for her own purposes.”

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    From the Introduction by Rose Lowder:As film is an independent entity incorporating numerous techniques and technologies based on society’s social, economical, political and artistics norms, one has to work towards an opening between what film and reality are in order to construct a temporal presence on the screen. It was with these difficulties in mind that during filming I ran the reels of film back and forth in the camera, recording images at different points on the film strip.

    “In order to keep track of what was being inscribed onto the film strip as well as where it was situated on the roll, I needed to note down what was being done as it was being done on an easy-to-use easy-to-read chart. Once the filming of a roll was finished, the information on the chart was copied into a notebook. This book reproduces those concerning Bouquets 11-20.”