An innovative terminal degree program in photography, books, and moving images in association with The College at Brockport, SUNY

  • The College at Brockport, SUNY’s MFA in Visual Studies at VSW is designed to offer a wide range of students a highly flexible structure that combines visionary thinking and practical experience in the fields of photography, books, and moving images. Many of our students don’t come to the program with a traditional photography or visual arts bachelor’s degree. Often a drive to produce a visual body of work out of their experience in another field, such as creative writing, history, psychology, or computer science, brings them to VSW. And because they’re not always standard photography, book, or moving image practitioners, the work created by VSW students is often beyond conventional and common forms of practice, combining disciplines and techniques in innovative ways.


  • Stephanie Vance, My Nouns, ephemeral print installation (2016), from VSW MFA thesis exhibition
  • Gregory Eddi Jones, Narcissus (2016), from VSW MFA thesis exhibition
  • Megan Charland and spurse, The Civil Appetites, found table setting, foraging workshop, and experimental dinner event (2013), from VSW MFA thesis exhibition
  • This active nonprofit artist space, rather than a traditional university setting, allows students to expand their professional skills and find direction for working in the field. They get real-world experience installing and developing exhibitions, managing and caring for collections, editing, writing, and designing publications, producing moving image screening programs, and caring for film and video archives. Over 90% of our alumni are actively working in the broad field of visual studies because of experiences gained from participating in VSW programs or activities.

  • Romy Hosford, As of Now, installation detail (2011) from VSW MFA thesis exhibition