An MFA at VSW will provide you the time, space, and mentorship you need to develop your art practice and your abilities to write and talk about your work. MFA students also gain firsthand professional experience apprenticing in archival projects, screening programs, exhibitions, and publications.

The VSW MFA program is a full-time, two-year plus thesis, sixty credit terminal degree program for furthering one’s art practice and professional objectives. In association with SUNY Brockport, the MFA courses all take place at VSW, a highly unique environment internationally recognized for supporting dozens of visiting artist projects each year.

Photography, Book Art, and Moving images are at the core of this MFA. Each semester students take a graduate seminar in art historical and critical subjects in addition to studio courses and electives. Classes in collections management, exhibitions management, and guided work assisting with VSW’s curatorial projects are all available. An additional certificate in Art Administration can be earned in association with SUNY Brockport’s Public Administration graduate program.

The goal of the MFA is for graduates to complete a thesis that is strong evidence of their own working practice and to be able to speak and write effectively about the work. MFA thesis projects have included solo exhibitions, feature-length documentaries, physical and e-book publications, performances, social practice experiences, curated exhibitions, film festivals, publishing projects, workshops, and other activities.

MFA alumni are working artists exhibiting internationally; educators working at all levels and types of education; directors, curators, and administrators in renowned institutions;  creators of programs and organizations that have greatly expanded the fields of photography, book art, and moving images.