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The Project Space Residency podcast series engages artists in conversations about how residencies work in their practice and provides an opportunity to share their ideas and processes with a larger community.

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Season 2
Season 2, Episode 3: Meredith Davenport
For the third episode of Season 2, Hernease Davis spoke with the artist Meredith Davenport about her most recent return to the Project Space Residency, and how she is going beyond photography in her practice to engage with her family’s ties to slavery in the United States.

VSW · Season 2 Episode 3 – Meredith Davenport
A transcript of this episode can be found here.
Season 2, Episode 2: Anna Kipervaser with VSW Curator Tara Nelson
In our second episode of the season, we have a guest host! Tara Merenda Nelson, Curator and Director of Public Programs, spoke with the artist Anna Kipervaser about her background in experimental filmmaking and her experience developing a film screening program that occurred during her residency at the Visual Studies Workshop.

VSW · Season 2 Episode 2 – Anna Kipervaser With Tara Nelson
A transcript of this episode can be found here.

Reference Links:

Anna Kipervaser’s website

VSW Salon | Perceptual Exploration: In Dialogue with Anna Kipervaser

Movement As Meaning in Experimental Cinema by Daniel Barnett

Season 2, Episode 1: Aspen Mays And Dan Boardman
Welcome to Season 2! For the next episode, Hernease Davis, Assistant Curator at VSW, spoke with the artists Aspen Mays and Dan Boardman, about their latest collaboration, which centers around the Biosphere 2 Project, the challenge of working on such a topic and how they used AI technology as a solution to some of those challenges. The transcript of this conversation can be found here 

VSW · Season 2 Episode 1 – Aspen Mays And Dan Boardman


Season 1

Season 1 episodes include conversations with visual artists and former VSW Project Space Artists-in-Residence, Granville Carroll, Aaron R. Turner, Savannah Wood, Lili Chin, and Ligia Bouton.

Season 1, Episode 4: Ligia Bouton
In this final episode of season 1, Hernease speaks with artist, Ligia Bouton. Ligia was an artist in residence at VSW in August of 2022. This conversation was recorded in the Project Space towards the very end of Ligia’s residency. Ligia thoughtfully used the VSW building and archives in her multifaceted approach towards making work that is in response to and in conversation with an important historical figure in the history of astronomy. The transcript of this conversation can be found here.

VSW · Episode #4: Ligia Bouton
Season 1, Episode 3: Lili Chin
In this episode, Hernease speaks with artist Lili Chin. During their conversation Lili touches on how a particularly unique experience as a solo Project Space resident allowed her space for contemplation and experimentation and the role long walks along the Genesee river played in changing how she approached her project. The transcript of this conversation can be found here 

VSW · Episode #3: Lili Chin

Season 1, Episode 2: Savannah Wood and Aaron Turner

In this episode, Hernease speaks with artists Savannah Wood and Aaron Turner. As residents, Aaron came to VSW from Fayetteville, AK in July 2020. And Savannah came to VSW in November 2021 from Baltimore, MD. Savannah and Aaron speak together about their work in the archive and how they met through the archive – specifically, through one important historic image. The transcript of this conversation can be found here.

VSW · Episode #2: Savannah Wood and Aaron Turner

Season 1, Episode 1: Granville Carroll in conversation with Hernease Davis, 2021.

In this inaugural episode, Granville Carroll sat down with Hernease Davis at the end of 2021 to discuss how he combines spirituality, philosophy and photography in his work, and how the residency changed his practice in unexpected ways. The transcript of this conversation can be found here 

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