Paying attention to how you are binding images and texts together is critical to making a photo-bookwork. Binding, in the conceptual sense, is how the images and texts mentally form a connection to one another. This cognitive process works in tandem with sequence, which puts images and texts in a specific order to create a context for meaning to be inferred between them. The focus of this workshop will be the combination of images and texts to create juxtapositions and extended sequences. We will study a variety of image and text sequences along a spectrum from purely textual to purely visual sequences, as well as other conceptual structures in art forms like poetry, music, and moving images, to support the creation of image and text sequences of our own. Throughout the month, students will make several sequence booklets as well as begin to develop an extended project. Everyone will take away from the workshop multiple experiments with forms of image and text sequence in dummy layouts in InDesign that can be printed using on-demand, online printers.

Many digital images from personal archives and/or found images as well as some texts to work with are required. You will need access to an internet connection and computer with CS Photoshop and InDesign software and ideally a flatbed scanner for the month. No previous InDesign knowledge is required; having some Photoshop experience is ideal but not necessary. Writings on sequence and image and text in bookworks will be provided.

This workshop is available for 3 undergraduate or 2 graduate credit hours from SUNY Brockport.

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