Interested in writing more effectively about the arts and culture in multiple modes, from traditional reviews to audio podcasting, videographic essays, social media approaches, multimedia formats, and other forms of critical engagement? In this workshop, we survey the history of arts and cultural criticism in America, with particular attention to diverse critical traditions and perspectives. Students will develop projects through collaborative workshops, ongoing dialogue, and videoconferences with established critics and editors for music, dance/theater, visual art, and film. Each student will leave the workshop with a webpage of experimental work that can serve as the start of a portfolio of new modes of arts and cultural criticism. The majority of this online workshop will be asynchronous except for 1-2 hours per day for videoconference discussions with visiting critics.

This workshop is available for 3 undergraduate or 2 graduate credit hours from SUNY Brockport.

Click here to register online or contact for more information to register by phone.