Project Space Residency FAQs

Call opens:           February 1, 2024

Deadline:             April 5, 2024

Notification:         July 1, 2024

What is the Project Space?

The Project Space is a studio workspace residency at Visual Studies Workshop for artists working in photography, film, or media art. The Project Space provides artists the opportunity to experiment with new work, new display strategies, and to have discussions with critics, curators, VSW staff, and the community-at-large about works-in-progress.

What do Project Space Residents receive?

Current Project Space residents receive 24hr access to a private studio, a stipend of $1000, a $500 travel budget for those from outside the region, and a supplies budget of $250. Residents receive the support of VSW’s digital printing technician, program assistants, consultations with photography, and media art curators on staff, as well as research support in VSW’s collections.

Are there any requirements for Project Space residents during their residency?

This is an artist residency for creative experimentation and we acknowledge that proposed projects are not always worked on and rarely completed during the time allotted. There are no requirements that accepted residents perform or complete a proposed project. An introductory event within the VSW community and a public talk or open studio are organized to engage the public with the visiting artist’s work and ideas.

When do Project Space residencies take place?

Applicants who apply during the 2024 call will be selected for 4 week residencies between September 2024-August 2025.

How long are the residencies?

VSW offers Project Space residencies for 4-week terms throughout the year.

Can I choose the month of my residency?

Applicants are asked to give 2 options for possible dates. VSW staff will do our best to accommodate schedules.

What are the accommodations like?

The artist accommodation is a studio apartment about an 8 minute walk from VSW. There is one parking spot in a covered garage. The apartment has one queen size bed. There is a small kitchen with all the essentials. There is a HEPA air purifier and the apartment is professionally cleaned between residents.  There is a coin operated shared laundry room for the building and internet.

Can I bring my family or pets?

Family members or visitors are welcome at the artist apartment and at VSW, however the workshop is not an appropriate space for small children, except as supervised short term visitors to your studio. If you feel you require special accommodations or have questions please contact us.

We do not permit pets in the apartment, or at VSW, but if an accepted artist has a support animal with an ESA certificate we can present it to the landlord for approval. Early notification to VSW of this accommodation is essential.

What kind of equipment is available?

Residents have access to all equipment at VSW, however, you must have basic competency in using the equipment that you borrow. VSW staff does not offer training to residents. Equipment includes:

  • 16mm Bolex cameras and lenses
  • 16mm projectors, splicers, rewinds
  • Steenbeck and Moviola flatbed editors (16mm)
  • DSLR cameras (Canon 5D)
  • 35mm still cameras (Nikon and Canon)
  • 35mm still camera lenses (variety)
  • Large format still image cameras
  • Media players
  • Legacy Video cameras: HD, Mini DV, Hi8 formats
  • Bookmaking equipment
  • Media players
  • Light tables
  • Copy stands
  • Video monitors
  • HD Video projectors
  • Miscellaneous analog and digital tools

Please click here for a complete list of VSW equipment

What facilities are available?

VSW has a printing lab (laserjet, inkjet, and large format printers), a photochemical darkroom with 35mm and 4×5 enlargers, a media conversion lab (VHS, mini DV, Hi8, 16mm and 1/4″ audio to digital), a 50 seat microcinema with 16mm and HD Digital projection booth, bookmaking studio and a collage studio (16mm film, 8mm film and magazines).

Is the Project Space residency wheelchair accessible?

The studio areas at VSW are wheelchair accessible, and an accessible apartment is made available to residents upon request.

Who is eligible for a Project Space residency?

Eligibility is open to all adult (18+) practitioners. Currently enrolled students are not eligible for residencies at this time. PhD candidates who have completed their coursework and are in the dissertation phase of their studies are eligible to apply.

Who are the previous Project Space residents?

VSW has hosted residents since 1969. You can see the past several years of Project Space residents on the VSW Project Space Residency website

Be sure to listen to Season 1 and 2 of the Project Space Podcast to hear about the experience of recent residents!

Who are the reviewers?

Applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of a VSW staff members, former residents, curators and programmers.

Can I apply if I have been a Project Space resident in the past?

Proposals by previous residents are welcome, however reviewers will prioritize first-time residents over those who have had a residency within the past three years.

Can I apply with a collaborator?

Collaborations are welcome and, in the case of a collaborative proposal, an additional 100-word bio and web links for proposed collaborators may be submitted. Collaborators from outside the Western NY region in need of housing need to be comfortable residing in the artist apartment together or find housing on their own.

What information is needed to apply?

The following information is required:

A 250-500 word proposal that describes your artistic practice and the project you will work on at VSW.

Samples of recent works made within the past 3 years in the form of still images, moving image pieces and documentation of installations where applicable to the work.

A bio of no more than 100 words with a website link.