What is the capacity of an image for meaning beyond itself? How do images interact with one another to create metaphor?

But much more, to me, than the beauty of the individual images was the way that they fit together, was the flow of them, was the using the Mississippi River and going North to South . . .  the way the bed recurs and the bed’s relationship to dreams, very much the way Robert [Frank] used cars and jukeboxes and Walker [Evans] used culture, etc. – Anne Tucker in conversation with Alec Soth

And so [Seneca Ghosts] became more about this sort of search, this sort of personal quest to understand this place and understand this history and the deer started to almost function metaphorically. – Danielle Mericle

The books that I was reading at the time made the world feel like a mysterious place, full of ambiguous signs and open metaphors . . . So I started to see signs everywhere. – Jason Fulford

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