IN THIS MOMENT: Revolution Reckoning Reparation

2020-2021, published by VSW Press


  • In This Moment is a project for ten teams of Black writers and photographers to profile ten Black leaders from across the city of Rochester:

    • Samra Brouk, NY State Senator, 55th District, essay by Quajay Donnell, photographs by Andre Walker
    • Luticha André Doucette, Owner of Catalyst Consulting, essay by Irene Kannyo, photographs by Erica Jae
    • Shawn Dunwoody, Artist, essay by Christopher Thompson, photographs by Arturo Hoyte
    • The Gatekeeper Adrian Elim, essay by Jevon Cooper, photographs by Cocoa Rae David
    • Dorothy Simmons Hall & Dorian Hall, GrassRoots Community Builders, essay by Lu Highsmith, photographs by Ralph Thompson
    • Debora McDell-Hernandez, Senior Director of Public & Community Affairs Planned Parenthood of Central & Western New York, essay by Lisa Maria Rickman, photographs by Rashaad Parker
    • Dr. Celia McIntosh, DNP, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC, SCRN, CEN, CCRN, CNRN, President of the Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking, essay by Vanessa Cheeks, photographs by Olivia Bacot
    • Kathryn Mariner PhD, Wilmot Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Visual and Cultural Studies, essay by Erica Bryant, photographs by Christopher Cardwell
    • Danielle Ponder, Musician & Attorney, poem by Luticha André Doucette, photographs by Quajay Donnell
    • Herbert Smith, 3rd Trumpet Rochester Philharmonic Director of Jazz Bands RIT Composer, Recording Artist, Conductor, essay by Taurus Savant, photographs by Jackie McGriff

    The project demonstrates the breadth and scope of revolutionary work happening in the area. Each profile is a chapbook published by VSW Press and each of the ten books are available for free, distributed through 12 branches of the Monroe County Public Library system, the SUNY Brockport Intercultural Center, and VSW.

    The theme, In this Moment, is a challenge to a euphemism often used in lieu of talking about Revolution, Reckoning, and Reparations. We look to take the euphemism and ask it back to those most likely to use it: What is this moment? 

    See Smitri Jacob’s article on the project in the Rochester Beacon here.

    In This Moment is created by Amanda Chestnut, Curator, and Jeanne Strazzabosco, Coordinator. VSW is the fiscal sponsor, publisher, and collaborator.


  • This moment is a revolution, a reckoning, and a demand for reparation. 

    The intergenerational wound of racism in Rochester existed before the building of the Inner Loop and before the firebombing of Frederick Douglass’s home. Black people in this city have been working for freedom since before the city’s namesake, Nathaniel Rochester, financially invested in slave trading and brought the people he himself enslaved to the region.

    We acknowledge that this project capitalizes on the labor of Black leaders, writers, and photographers and we are raising funds to pay all of those involved in the project have been paid for their services. Each contributor is innovative in their own right: photographers are vanguards in Black Lives Matter; writers are at the forefront of equitable funding for arts and education in the city; every person has a vested interest in a successful and vibrant Rochester and we wish for you to invest in them, directly.

    You can help to tell stories that show how this moment is just one in a series of events that Black people have been facing, fighting, and determinedly prevailing over for generations.



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