Forged Ways: Films by Ephraim Asili

Saturday November 18, 2017

8 pm

Artist in Attendance

  • Ephraim Asili is an African-American artist, filmmaker, D.J., radio host, and traveler. Inspired by his day-to-day wanderings, Asili creates art that situates itself as a series of meditations on everyday experience and media culture. Asili’s dynamic perspective is presented through audio-visual examinations of societal iconography, identity, geography, and architecture, resulting in an amalgam of pop, African-American and “moving image” culture that is filtered through an acute sense of rhythmic improvisation and compositional awareness.

    Presented in collaboration with Squeaky Wheel Media Center

  • Still from Fluid Frontiers (2017)

    Still from American Hunger (2013)

    Still from Kindah (2016)