• Shameless Light, a reading of Lesbian Love Letters

    On Saturday, October 6 artists Dani & Sheilah ReStack will be visiting Rochester with their interactive film event, Shameless Light.  As part of this event, the artists are inviting members of the lesbian community of Rochester to perform live readings of their own love letters.

    From Dani & Sheilah ReStack:

    Shameless Light privileges love as a generative, unruly and potentially radical act through public reading of love letters.Shameless Light is a long-term project of making a venue for female desire, in this case by reading love letters by women who identify as queer.  The letters are read under the glow of red neon light generated by the shapes of two megaphones. The project was initiated in 2015 by Dani and Sheilah ReStack at the Carizzozo, NM Lyric Theater. Since then letters have been read by community members in Columbus, Chicago and NYC.

    We are inviting original love letters to be read for a performance, Shameless Light, at 7:00pm on Saturday October 6, 2018 with rehearsal that same day at 2:00.

    Letters should be maximum 2 pages, and can be to a person, place, animal, community or idea.

    (SOTD) Strangely Ordinary This Devotion (27 minutes) will screen after the love letters. SOTD is a collaborative experiment into feral domesticity, queer desire, and fantasy in a world under threat of climate change.

    If you are interested in participating as a reader, please submit your original letter via email to Tara Nelson, Curator of Moving Image Collections at Visual Studies Workshop: taranelson@vsw.org.  

    Letters will be kept confidential, shared only among the artists and Tara Nelson until they are read publicly by you! Letter can be submitted as an email, Word document, Google Doc or PDF.

    Deadline: September 26th

    We look forward to reading your letters!

    Sheilah & Dani

    For more info on SOTD:  http://cinema-scope.com/cinema-scope-online/strangely-ordinary-this-devotion-dani-leventhal-sheilah-wilson-usa-wavelengths/

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