• LOOPS closes with a night of film and sound performances/ 7 pm

    Performances include:

    A 10 1/2 minute piece consisting of 2520 beats
    for several musicians
    by Ian Downey

    The first part plays every single beat.
    The second part plays every other beat (beats 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on up until the final 2,520th beat).
    The third part plays every third beat (beats 3, 6, 9, 12, and so on up to the 2,520th).
    The fourth part plays every fourth beat (beats 4, 8, 16, etc. up to the 2,520th).
    …And so on for all 48 factors of 2520.

    Dennis Mariano: glockenspiel
    Darren DeWispelaere: percussion
    Chris Reeg: moog
    Mike Rheinheimer: guitar
    J. Derek Sapienza: guitar
    Philip Herford: violin
    Evan Meccarello: violin
    Mary Lewandowski: horse and pigeon
    Edward Downey: saxophone
    Sandy Gianniny: harp
    Jane Spaceman: vocals
    Annika Bentley: vocals
    Joe Tunis: melodica
    Amber McAlister: clarinet
    Lindsey Downey: harmonica
    Ray Ray Mitrano: bang snaps
    Brian Blatt: electronics
    Rob Nuuja: noise horn

    …and some surprise guests!

    Golem Rite 
    16mm film performance & 3 channel video installation
    by Substantial Cinema (Mary Lewandowski and Nilson Carroll)


  • LOOPS Sept 7-13
  • Still from Golem Rite by Substantial Cinema