• LOOPS is an exhibition of multi-media installations and performances that address the phenomena of the loop in form and concept, incorporating feedback, repetition, cycles, ellipses, orbits, rotations, and other situations in which the finite meets the infinite.  More than 15 regional and national artists will display video installations, games, audio environments, animatronic space buckets, orbiting weather balloons, real-time algorithms, noise sculptures, music and other media in and around the VSW auditorium for the duration of the show.  Live performances will take place on September 7th and September 13th.

    Participants include:
    Sean Capone (Brooklyn); Nilson Carroll (Rochester); Hank Linhart (Brooklyn); Alysia Kaplan (Rochester); Scott Oliver (Rochester); Mary Lewandowski (Rochester); Patrick Doyle (Rochester); Billy T. (Chicago); Martin Freeman & Alyssa Ibarra (Rochester); Andrew Salamone (Rochester); BLOODY NOES (Rochester); Ones (Brooklyn, Albany, Seattle); Adam Maida (Rochester); Josh Romphf (Rochester); Jeremy Sarachan (Rochester); Nathan Koch (Brooklyn); Kameron Ackerman (Rochester); Ian Downey (Rochester)
    Curators: Tara Nelson & Joel Dow

  • LOOPS Sept 7-13