• Localism: Daniel Tucker In Dialogue with the VSW Film Collection

    This program will be available September – November 2020

    As we navigate unprecedented social and political change on the national and international level, the importance of strong local connections becomes paramount. Active engagement at the local level can stimulate progress within a community, while providing connections between individuals, families and the resources that serve them.

    The term localism refers to a range of participatory practices that influence the well being of the geographic community as a whole. Throughout the month of September, Philadelphia-based artist and filmmaker Daniel Tucker will present a series of streaming programs that critically examine histories and philosophies of localism, and discuss strategies for meaningful engagement on the hyper-local level. These programs will include Tucker’s own work along with films and videos from the VSW Film Collection, and will culminate in a discussion between Tucker and Rosten Woo, an artist and urban activist located in Los Angeles.

    For access to these programs after November 30, 2020, contact taranelson@vsw.org

    Program 1: Future Perfect: Time Capsules in Reagan Country (2015) by Daniel Tucker

    Program 2: Local Control (2018)  by Daniel Tucker

    Program 3: September 21-October 12: Geography of Your Community: Daniel Tucker in Dialogue with the VSW Film Collection

    Discussion: Strategies for Hyperlocal Engagement: A Conversation with Daniel Tucker and Rosten Woo