• Thursday April 11 | 7 pm

    In Dialogue is a series in which we invite practicing filmmakers to show their work alongside films from the VSW Collection, creating a dialogue among works that resonates with and reflects upon the approach of the filmmaker. Mary Helena Clark is an artist whose work uses the language of collage, often bringing together disparate subjects and styles that suggest an exterior logic or code, to explore dissociative states through cinema. This program features a selection of Clark’s short films presented with a surprising assortment of films from the VSW collection that includes Mort Ransen’s Falling From Ladders (1969) and Tao TV (1990) by Hyun-Suk Seo.


    By foot-candle light, Mary Helena Clark (2011) 9 minutes / digital

    Falling From Ladders, Mort Ransen (1969) 9 min / 16mm 

    Orpheus (outtakes), Mary Helena Clark (2012) 6 minutes / 16mm

    Homage to Magritte, Anita Thatcher (1974) 10 min / 16mm

    The Glass Note, Mary Helena Clark (2018) 9 min / digital 

    Tao TV, Hyun-Suk Seo (1990) 15 min / digital 

    The Dragon is the Frame, Mary Helena Clark (2014) 14 min / 16mm


  • Orpheus (Outtakes) by Mary Helena Clark (2012)
  • Homage to Magritte by Anita Thatcher (1974)
  • The Dragon is the Frame by Mary Helena Clark (2014)
  • Tao TV by Hyun-Suk Seo (1990)
  • Falling From Ladders (1969) by Mort Ransen