• Thursday February 21 | 7 pm

    SIGNAL NO SIGNAL is an act of rescuing visions and voices from fragile archived media. It is a survey of wild, difficult, and honest experiments in narrative and form found in the videos of the Visual Studies Workshop Film/Video Collection. These videos spanning from 1972-2003 have been curated and digitized by filmmakers Mary Lewandowski and Nilson Carroll as part of an initiative to shed light on and breathe life into VSW’s unique magnetic media collection. Stranded on magnet frequencies of VHS and Umatic tape, these fervent documents of highly personal commentary, ritual editing, and technological exploration are reanimated tonight!


    Titles include these rarely-seen magnetic masterpieces:

    “Watching Lesbian Porn” – Dayna McLeod
    “Theater of Hybrid Automata” – Woody Vasulka
    “Body Functions” – Jocelyn Taylor
    “Puss Puss” – Susan Everett
    “Safe Sex Slut” – Carol ‘Scarlot Harlot’ Leigh
    “Fan Time” – Jon Lynch
    “Unfocused” – Neil Ira Needleman
  • Signal No Signal: Videos from the VSW Collection