• Thursday March 14/7 pm

    Visiting curator Bradford Nordeen presents Dirty Looks: Eight Years On.  This selection of films explores eight years of experimental screenings for a shorts program of signature delights that queer the pop cannon and (under)mine history for all of her unanswered questions. Ranging from digital drag revisionism to post-bohemian celluloid, Dirty Looks: 8 Years on reassesses the past through a fiercely queer and politicized lens, “who brought us here?” and “where are we now?” Ranging from 16mm films, super8 transfers, Hi8, HD video and Getty stock footage, this DL Cliff’s Notes screening spins circles around contemporary queer subjectivities, snarling with a punk zeal and a utopian demand for more.


    Warren Sonbert + Wendy Appel, Amphetamine, 16mm, B&W, 10 min., 1966

    Brontez Purnell, 100 Boyfriends Mixtape (the demo), Super 8 on video, 8min., 2017

    Jill Reiter, Frenzy, Super 8 on digital video, 12min., 1993

    Lila De Magalhaes, Poppers, video, 5min., 2013

    Michael Robinson, Onward Lossless Follows, HD video, 17min., 2017

    Chris E. Vargas, Liberaceón, SD video, 13min., 2011

    Aimee Goguen, tongue job, Hi8 on SD video, 4min., 2013

    Mariah Garnett, Encounters I May or May Not Have Had with Peter Berlin, 16mm, 15min., 2012

    Dirty Looks Inc is a platform for queer film, video and performance. Using film and time-based art to illuminate queer histories and liminal spaces across Los Angeles and New York City, Dirty Looks traces contemporary queer aesthetics through historical works, presenting quintessential GLBTQ film and video, alongside up-and-coming artists and filmmakers. Dirty Looks exhibits a lineage of queer tactics and visual styles for younger artists, casual viewers and seasoned avant-garde filmgoers, alike.

  • Michael Robinson, Onward Lossless Follows (2017)
  • Mariah Garnett, Encounters I May or May Not Have Had with Peter Berlin (2012)
  • Aimee Goguen, tongue job (2013)