• Saturday March 16 | 2 pm

    Community Curator: The Rochester Zen Center 

    Founded in 1966, the Rochester Zen Center (RZC) is one of the largest and most respected Buddhist centers in North America. Through daily meditation, residential training programs, and introductory workshops, the Center has helped introduce Buddhism into the American mainstream, while simultaneously reshaping and integrating the forms of Zen into America’s own unique culture. This program, chosen by long-time residents of the RZC, observes the Dharma (the nature of reality as taught by the Buddha) in familiar and not-so familiar films from the VSW collection. Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede, Abbot of the RZC, will provide insight on the program at the conclusion of the screening.

  • Reflecting Pool by Bill Viola
  • Neighbours by Norman McLaren
  • "A" by Jan Lenica
  • Why Me by J.Perlman and D. Lamb