• Thursday, March 28 | 7pm

    In Dialogue is a series in which we invite practicing filmmakers to show their work alongside films from the VSW Collection, creating a dialogue among works that resonates with and reflect upon the approach of the filmmaker. Laura Kraning is an experimental non-fiction filmmaker whose moving image work navigates landscape as a repository for memory, cultural mythology, and the technological sublime. Working with the VSW Film Collection, Laura has crafted a program that explores uncanny disruptions within natural and artificial landscapes, and the entwined perception of human and machine vision reverberating across space and time.

    Artist in attendance



    First Color Movie of Planet Earth by Tetsuya Fujita (1967)  11 min

    Devil’s Gate by Laura Kraning (2011)  20 min

    Sky Blue Water Light Sign by JJ Murphy (1972)  9 min

    Meridian Plain by Laura Kraning (2016) 18 min

    Fl oz. by Julie Murray  (2003) 8 min

    Irradiant Field by Laura Kraning (2016)  10 min



  • Laura Kraning - MERIDIAN PLAIN
  • Fl.oz by Julie Murray
  • Laura Kraning -IRRADIANT FIELD
  • Sky Blue Water Light Sign by JJ Murphy