Which Side Are You On? 16mm films from the Orgone Archive

Saturday April 2, 2016 at 8pm

  • The Orgone Archive (Pittsburgh 13, Penna.) offers up (albeit confusedly) a program of filmic free thought freed from its 8 x 12 East End storage room as well as an oddball West Coast archive’s mythic holdings. So, enough of this you’re either with us or against us crap. As my father and/or mother might say, “Eff your chosen ones and drop your lederhosen, chums! Start straddling the photasmagraphic fence of movie magic messaging!” Kodak ghost poems indeed.

    VSW is pleased to present a program of provocative16mm films from the vaults of the legendary Orgone Archive in Pittsburgh, PA. Visiting curator Greg Pierce is co-founder of Orgone Cinema, a screening series of experimental, avant-garde and orphan films that operated in Pittsburgh for more than a decade.

    Suggested Donation $5

    Run (1962) by Jack Kuper 16 min.
    Silent Snow, Secret Snow (1966) by Gene Kearney 17 min.
    De Overkant (1966) by Herman Wuyts 10 min.
    The Day I Died (1977) by Gordon-Kerckhoff Productions 17 min.
    21-87 (1963) by Arthur Lipsett 10min
    The Magic House (1970) by Art Coburn 17 min.
    Sunday Lark (1963) by Sanford Samel 10 min.

    All films are 16mm, b/w or color, sound, and from The Orgone Archive, Pittsburgh 13.