7PM in the VSW Microcinema 

PROOF OF VACCINATION REQUIRED FOR ENTRY. Face Masks must be worn by all participants. Seating is limited.

[[CONTENT WARNING: flashing lights, loud sounds, and content about mental health]]

  • SCREEN/DOOR will feature several members and friends of the swampbabes community across the earth working in various genres and mediums, with a common interest in radical (video) game making, playing, and exhibiting. These works deal with the video screen as door, wall, and window, many with a conflicted sense of dread or longing. Includes games, video, and performance from Cody Filardi, gg noni, Mariken and fotocopiadora, Evan Bobrow, Peter Basma-Lord, nilson carroll, Taehee Whang, and others. This program will be in-person in the VSW microcinema and will also be livestreaming via Twitch.
  • HTTPGSAB (Desktop Runthrough) by Peter Basma-Lord
  • VIDEOPULP: Super Carty™'s Dread by Mariken and fotocopiadora, 2019
  • swampbabes is a tiny, artist-run, no-profit organization in Rochester, New York devoted to fostering a games/art/queer local/regional community and inclusive space. swampbabes is interested in sharing experimental, non-commercial, renegade games-related art and projects and providing a platform for diverse voices and bodies outside of the already established structures and hierarchies.