7 pm in the VSW microcinema

*Due to the small capacity of the VSW microcinema, we are requiring masks for all audience members at this time.

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    Your Eyes are Spectral Machines is a multimedia analog and digital film program that experiments with the transitory nature of illuminated images, presented by Spanish filmmaker Luis Macias.

    This performance on 16mm, 35mm slide and digital projectors will illustrate what Macias calls “Spectral Cinema” by engaging with analog film as both material and form. From photochemical illusions to mechanical manipulations, Macias allows for improvisational experiences that stimulate unique multi-sensory responses with the audience.


    Spectral Landscape is an intermittent, subtle and violent performance with several modified slide projectors that explores the image of nature and how it is revealed to us.

    The kiss is a video-cinematographic project composed by 24 formats and where the structure builds and destroys the image itself through its inner process. Like The eyes empty and the pupils burning of rage and desire, it begins with the absence of image that is its own destruction and builds a particular organic universe that is slowly emerging from a relation of excitement and love between the emulsion and the projector.

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    Luis Macias (1976, Barcelona, ​​Spain.) is an artist, filmmaker and image composer. His pieces deal with the formal and spectral properties of the moving image, through the exploration of the cinematographic device itself and the photochemical nature of the medium. He is one of the most prominent Spanish filmmakers of the contemporary experimental scene. His films and pieces of expanded cinema have been shown in prestigious film, art and music festivals as well as art centers, museums and alternative spaces around the world. He’s been part of collective exhibitions and has had one individual so far. Also he has collaborated with various artists, musicians and filmmakers in the creation of collective works. Co-founder and an active member of Crater-Lab, an independent laboratory for analog cinema, and alternates his art work with specialized teaching in experimental cinema and the exploration of analog formats.

  • Luis Macias
  • Luis Macias
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