Robert Fichter

Robert Fichter, 1983
Photo by Kelley Kirkpatrick

Keith Smith
My First Book of Prints via Verifax,Chicago: Keith Smith, 1973

Verifax prints, thread, 35.25 x 32.00 x 2.75 cm
Edition of one, signed
Visual Studies Workshop Collection
The Joan Lyons Independent Press Archive
Z232.5 S654 Sm-My

My First Book of Prints via Verifax, Smith’s thirty-third book, is a one-of-a-kind artist’s book. There is a stitched paper dedication to VSW inserted into the book. Smith inscribed a detailed statement of process in the back of the book: “The prints in this book are Verifax matrix and transfers of the matrix to Urachi etching paper. I have overexposed and underdeveloped in Verifax activator; some flashing was done. The print-offs and matrix have been fixed and washed—but I have made only superficial checks to test their permanency, as I have only been working with Verifax a few weeks. The pictures in this book have no hand-applied color. The prints were made from auto-screen film positives, which were made from my 35mm negatives of Gary Frost in 1968.” MC

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